Tokyo university bachelor degree in economics, university of rochester mba in finance department, the Japanese government in McKinsey. In 2007 Japan branch of the youngest partner. Serialised in the east economic website. In Asian countries to participate in the development of large-scale clothing enterprise development strategy, rebuilding the production system. To store management reform in Japan.



    The university of Liverpool MBA seven years experience in foreign investment of human resource management, once in the service of the top 500 manufacturing companies and foreign Internet companies, etc Familiar with hr each big module business and relevant BP module.

  • JunYuan ZHUANG


    China’s key university computer science department of China as a key university computer science into the big Japanese company after graduation.In 2006 to join teamLab, work two years later, back to Shanghai to create teamLab.Is mainly responsible for system design and project management, the integration of company internal personnel and training.



    After graduating from college in shiseido, Recruit Japan and Shanghai, the nikkei BP club and other related work in sales and marketing company.For many years engaged in advertising planning and marketing work.In yo-ren limited, as head of EPR enterprise, is mainly responsible for customer development and customer maintenance, word of mouth in China for the Japanese customers brand and services of the splash.


  • 荻曾 友贵


    Senior Project Manager
    Aichi prefecture, Japan, was born.Majored in trade and overseas procurement of BBT learn MckinseyPSA college in Japan, and analyze the data according to the buyer’s experience.Love to play guitar and Japanese flower arrangement.Like to popular restaurants or cake shop try food.Hope I can form a YouRen band.
  • Zoe Li

    Senior Project Manager
    I love to do sales because I love to not only talk with people, but also to fulfil my curiosity. From down to earth street investigation to fancy new product release, from newborn products to high class luxury car or watch, I can do all those things because I know this is life.
  • Crystal

    Crystal Xu

    Senior Copywriter Manager
    My name is Crystal because of the same meaning of my Chinese name. Curiosity but not gossipy, prefer high quality work but not mean no efficiency, all those points are my advantage but also my drawbacks. I wanna take the words from my respected celebrity Woody Allen which is “Appreciate and enjoy what you have, not what you don’t have’.
  • 宋歌

    Sonya Song

    Senior Copywriter
    Im chasing for the life experience different but not the full mark, sometimes I artistic or gossipy, sometimes I have a bee in my mind. I hate my weak hair and strong curl.
  • Jocelyn Zhou

    Project Manager
    Who is not love Monchhchi which is not a good adman.
  • Spencer

    Spencer Zhang

    Customer Relations Specialist
    Strong curious to new things, im extrovert, love to make friends and can take responsibility, like to feed small animals.
  • Shvim Shen

    Junior Copywriter
    Pisces, preserved ham.At ordinary times hobby is fitness, play basketball, travel, also like to focus on new products.Looks nice but can always amazing words.From not in silence, in silence on the train.Interested to chat a five hair.
  • Eva Tu

    Customer Relations Specialist
    Around man’s little live happily every day Love good food and fitness: because health is to eat better.Love good food and fitness: because health is to eat better.Love found new things, discovering the warm words, occasional typo be fussy.
  • Beryl Sun

    Finance Specialist
    Mr.Bookkeeper @ Yo-ren,for every penny account.
  • Dream Cai

    Admin Assistant
    A addicted to the sweet boy.A Key club of iron powder, a Los Angeles lakers diehard.
  • RuXi

    Copy Editor
    Experience: entry, accumulate experience, a simpleton rookie editor, is spare no effort to pursue their simple and happy dreams.
  • Twen Ma

    Python Engineer
    From ningxia.Love IT technology, like reading, programming.I, after 90, a bear, a sense of responsibility, target stack all engineers.
  • James Ren

    Android Engineer
    From weinan in shanxi province, very honored to become a member of the yo-ren limited, become a member of the tech department, responsible for android development.Came to yo-ren limited after I found the world so big, really should go for a walk, several within the department are all great god, and I decided to learn from several predecessors, a lot later please.
  • Flexi Liu

    IOS Engineer
    I come from anhui, yo-ren limited colleagues are very enthusiastic, leadership of staff is very friendly, feel our company is a vibrant and creative company.The person I love is a very mobile development, hope in the future days can and everybody together, make excellent App.
  • Eddy He

    Web Developer
    The prelude to August – Leo, like to watch anime, I love karaoke, 90 after a iOS siege lion into the front siege of a boy, work place is still much to learn from you, hope in the future days, we work together, make progress together.
  • Jack Hou

    Web Developer
    Also lay in Inner Mongolia RenShi, technology, and without him.Quite few words, sincere to others.Good to read to understand, each to the wonderful place, lay waste completely.
  • Rita Ye

    Web Developer
    A like to delve into the front technology of the little girl.I love to travel, like to take pictures of the different different region amorous feelings, like to miss the good times of childhood, often like curtilage at home to make some household act the role ofing is tasted.
  • Max Zi

    SRS Project Manager
    Responsible for project market development work, if you want to know the business content Yo-Ren can contact me directly.I will take good care of you!
  • Hugo Xiong

    CRM  Data Analyst
    Like all novelty, even to eat, only some haven’t eaten.・ often immersed in the world of a person, but to live very happy.
  • kuraoka

    CRM  Data Analyst
    Experience: entry, accumulate experience, a simpleton rookie editor, is spare no effort to pursue their simple and happy dreams.
  • Chris Zhang

    Data Analyst
    Like reading, like the present job and life, we are from the IT era to era of DT, using data analysis to accelerate the enterprise running.Life is short, you need Python.
  • Joon Cui

    Data Analyst
    Hobby in hot, never running, but like ball games. The pursuit of a passionate life state and calm state of mind.
  • June Wan

    Project Assistant
    Was born in June, so the English name to numerous is Jane took the “June””No hot not huan” hubei sister,Occasionally, literature and art, occasionally occasionally gossip.Hope in yukio okamoto, ren family and grow up together.