In China, offline retailers in confrontation with the electricity continuously lost territory, but the store is the highest in offline retail all kinds of business growth.But because of the rent, artificial cost, profit pressure is very big.Compared to Japan and other Asian cities countries, Taiwan, according to our calculations, the development of China’s convenience store seven times and space, that is to say there are 27 shops.With the improvement of living standard and the process of urbanization, the growth is inevitable.

Under the background of the two above, through our CRM platform, provides the convenience store is different, the new profit model.

What we are doing?We through the integral system, encourage users to shop.And based on the user consumption data, analysis of customer buying habits and preferences.



We analysis?We mainly analyze the user properties, consumer behavior, geographic location.



Convenience stores gross margin is relatively low, at about 25% – 30%, so only allow a convenience store directly provide favourable activity of CRM system, for then convenience stores the charm of it is not enough.

  1. On the basis of membership, we provide from other sources, and to provide integral, and exchange and other services, and other companies integral for convenience stores from other sources can be benefits of CRM.
  2. Through the analysis data, we can provide to supplier accurate advertisement and gift.
  3. We offer new membership service, such as express delivery services, improve the convenience store sales