Yo-ren Limited completed a new round financing of 6 million Yuan

New Yo-ren Limited (headquartered in Hongkong, director representative: Mr. Kaneda Osamu) that provides digital marketing services has completed a new round of 0.9 million dollars (6 million Yuan) through third-party quota capital increase on Nov. 9th, 2016. China smart mobile CVS membership solution market is expected to have great potential and room for development.

Yo-ren plans to use the capital raised in this round of financing in further strengthening the solution by intensifying functions demanded and increase data analysts while improving the management system.

One of the main objectives for the financing is to improve the management system. Yo-ren plans to engage external directors from China domestic major CVS groups. Yo-ren has been developing and providing membership solutions in eastern China, Beijing, Dalian, Wuhan in firm cooperation with chain CVS. The company will actively further strengthen the membership solutions in cooperation with CVS in China. In the future, Yo-ren would strive for the opportunities cooperating with South-east Asia countries as well as Japan as in providing membership solutions with the large quantity of existing CVS.

Yo-ren has been actively involving in expanding partners. Apart from the companies involved in this capital increase, Yo-ren has been cooperating with multiple retail chain companies in membership programs and the total members has reached 600000. Communication with related companies has been on of the main missions of Yo-ren. During the 18th China Retail Exposition in Suzhou (Nov. 3rd-5th, 2016), Yo-ren described and presented the smart mobile CVS membership solution and increased its popularity.

What is the China smart mobile CVS membership solution

Yo-ren deems that China CVS industry possesses huge development potential and wishes to bring a more convenient Japanese lifestyle to Chinese society via this business. In China, CVS has a relatively small market share, limited profitability compared with shopping malls, wholesale shopping and supermarkets without the application of efficient smart phone service or member service. However, in this era of rapid urban construction and public transportation development, CVS market share has been evidently increasing. According to CCFA, the growth rate of CVS ranked no.2 with sale growth rate increase of 15.2% last year.

Yo-ren indicates that in the China competitive market of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), the high-frequency usage of CVS is surprisingly matching the popular smart phones with the online service via app or Wechat. Yo-ren collects accurate members data, wisely use the capital from chain suppliers, and provides customers various beneficial services through app, so as to create win-win situation for both chain suppliers and customers. Yo-ren aims at boosting new CVS opening rate by increasing customer visits and raising sales by utilizing app services.

【Company Info】

Official name:New Yoren Limited

Director representative Mr. Kaneda Osamu

Establishment of China subsidiary: April, 2012

Capital: about $ 2.08 million

Headquarter address: Room 1005, 10th floor, Taiye Bl. 141, Thomson Rd., Wan Chai, Hongkong

China subsidiary Address: 8C, No.619 CaoYang Road, MTR Cloud Center, Shanghai, PRC



Business content: comprehensive digital marketing service

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