43000 fan increased in half a year, Lawson “One Yuan Fight” miracle

In this era of China upgrading consumption, retail industry is facing both internal and external challenges while innovative and practical companies are seeing great business opportunities. According to the process retail innovators review, CCFA has listed a series of outstanding representatives in the retail industries and wishes to develop the industry a at a healthy but progressive pace.

半年微信涨了43万粉 ,罗森“一元抢”是怎么做到的 | 2016CCFA零售创新奖

Launched “One Yuan Fight” event attracting customers to taste new products via Lawson APP.

Project Background:

Wechat marketing came into existence as the era involves. For companies, options in Wechat marketing including opening official account, close communication with readers and customers.

Based on the current situation of Lawson retail, by launching the Wechat “One Yuan Fight”, customer loyalty and their desire of purchasing is motivated and increased.

Design mentality and implement flow:

1.Lawson supplies products or marketing department determines products.

2.Negotiate with partners regarding the volume of discounted products and subsidy amount.

3.Release of internal comments.

4.Wechat official account will launch “One Yuan Fight” every Monday 11:00 am.

5.After users complete the “fight” via H5 page, APP backstage program will automatically distinguish Lawson APP members.

6.For Lawson APP members, one coupon of “One Yuan” will be given in the personal APP account.

Key Innovative Features

1.By combining Lawson Wechat official account and Lawson APP, Wechat followers can be guided towards Lawson APP.

2.The concept of “One Yuan Fight” contains “One Yuan” which is appealing to customers in the sense of benefits while “Fight” is efficient to raise users’ interest and incentive.

Main Outcomes:

1.Increase Lawson official account followers.

2.Promote Lawson APP.

3.Increase Lawson APP attention.

4.Increase Lawson customers.

5.Enhance the Lawson brand impression.

Wechat “One Yuan Fight” mechanism:

1.Products: Mostly PB products, proposed by clients, image taken by Yo-ren.

2.Pricing: normally “One Yuan” or “Two Yuan” fight.

3.Release:11:00 am Monday via Lawson Wechat official account.

4.H5: customize H5 page with appealing description and image of the product.

5.Lawson APP: Release coupons if the customers are recognized as Lawson APP members by the APP.

6.Stores: Increase customers, increase Lawson brand exposure, raise Lawson brand imag.

半年微信涨了43万粉 ,罗森“一元抢”是怎么做到的 | 2016CCFA零售创新奖

Product Concept:

Considering the increasing acceptance of “Snowy Skin Mooncake”, Lawson improved the existing product “Snow Niang” to “cake+mousse+100% animal fat cream” combination which riched textures and raised the price value of the product. Moreover, the outside skin was designed rubbery specially for Chinese preference.

Kept in refrigerator+fresh handmade+3-day durability period:

Compared to the durability period of normal “Snowy Skin Mooncake”, the Lawson “Snowy Skin Moon Cake” sells at its hand-made and limited durability period which ensures that it tastes fresh and delicious whenever it is purchased.

Raw Materials:

100% animal fat cream is different from the market-dominating artificial botanic cream for its better taste, rich milk taste and better healthy effects.

Lawson Wechat Marketing:

半年微信涨了43万粉 ,罗森“一元抢”是怎么做到的 | 2016CCFA零售创新奖

Data of Wechat “One Yuan Fight”:

1.Lawson Wechat official account followers increased from 34000 to 77000 from January to July with monthly increase of around 7000 users.

2.Average readings of “One Yuan Fight” and “Two Yuan Fight” is around 40000.

3.Average PV cost is around 0.01-0.02, number of participants is gradually increasing as well.

4.Lawson APP members has been increasing to 280000 since last December with the boost of Wechat events.