Yo-ren participated in XNode Pitching

On Jan. 16th, the 2nd innovation pitching was held by the well-known Shanghai makerspace—XNode Jingan Space. Yo-ren was honored to cooperate and discuss with other nailing teams in this outstanding meeting of ideas. Seven teams from all over the world respectively introduced their own products in O2O business, retail business, AI retail business which inspired and motivated all participants and pictured a better image of business model tomorrow as a whole.


XNode Venture Space was founded in 2014 to provide office and accelerated incubation services for the start-up team. In this roadshow, the organizers invited a number of cattle as a guest review, from CA Venture Asia Pacific Director Mr. Kitagawa Ming Ming, Huaying Venture Partners Mr. Wang Ping, Gobi Venture Partners Mr. Xu Chen, KTB Investment Partnership Mr. Yung Kun-yan, Mr. Ying Feng, Partner of Yixin Investment Co., Ltd., has made a heated discussion with the team in the form of Q & A, and the atmosphere is warm.


Yo-ren general manager Mr. Jin Tianxiu made a wonderful opening, then Yo-ren chief technology officer Mr. JunYuan ZHUANG for convenience store retail model intelligent integration, especially for Yo-ren development of intelligent retail solutions Lawson APP, done A series of elaborations. Consumers use the convenience store mobile phone registered members, you can get points exchange, factory gifts and even courier, laundry and other services. This retail solution not only facilitates consumers, but also stimulates the growth of convenience store sales.


At the end of the link, on the guests to review the question, Mr. TianXiu JIN in turn for a wonderful answer, and ultimately get the support of many investors and the recognition of the judges, in one fell swoop gains by XNode awarded the potential award.


Yo-ren team said, very grateful to the organizers to give this opportunity, at the same time thank many outstanding entrepreneurial team and invited visitors to discuss with us the future development of the road, the common face of opportunities and challenges.