Guangdong AEON released personal service-oriented membership APP

Following Walmart, CR Vanguard, RT-mart entering e-commerce market, GD AEON initiated its first “internet+” membership application on Sept. 8th, 2015. As sources told, this app is different from the above mentioned brands that it provides various coupons and promotion information only for AEON members. It is generally considered that in this industry where traditional retail companies are trying to convert into online business, it is essential to realize accurate marketing by maximizing brand advantage and providing personal services.

Guangdong AEON general manager Mr. Wang said, “this app is different from traditional e-commerce, it provides personal and accurate service only for members”. Based on big data analysis, the app releases around 60 sales promotion messages and 10%-20% of it is different from one another in accordance to each customers’ purchase behavior. By doing so, GD AEON is able to change the original one-fold promotion method into a personal and dynamic promotion method.

Guangdong AEON has accumulated 500000 members since the very first store opened in 1996. Members visit the stores 1.5 times more often than non-members and contribute more than 40% of the total sales. By July 21st, 2015, the app had been initiated at Tianhe city, Dongfangbaotai, Gaodezhidi stores. The app had been downloaded by more than 17000 members and it boosted the total sale by 1%

By far, Walmart, CR Vanguard, RT-mart are all entering e-commerce. Walmart launched O2O platform “Sugou” and injected capital in Yihaodian to accelerate the development of EC; CR Vanguard released shopping site “ewanjia” and officially join EC market; RT-mart invested in Feiniu and is expanding its business nationwide.

As industry specialist pointed out, since internet has the key function of price transparency, easy purchase and so on, traditional retail companies that are entering the market should not follow price leadership strategy, but utilize the strong service and brand advantage and strive for differentiation.

The president of Guangzhou Clear and Clever Corporation Mr. Huang said, “traditional retailers should apply customization and differentiation strategies by utilizing strong brand image and provide personal service. For instance, AEON has a stable group pf members and more than 60% private brands. It is safe in the aspects of price and quality to provide customized service.”

source: Jinyangwang net
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