[Business super] 20th anniversary of the founding of Lawson Shanghai

(FMCG)On July 19th, 2016, Lawson Shanghai celebrated the 20th anniversary of its founding.

2016-07-20 LAWSON 02

Lawson introduced the 24-hour convenience store business model to Shanghai 20 years ago on July 19th, 1996, which was a big news to China retail industry. Lawson Shanghai has been rapidly expanding its business recently after several difficult periods years ago. “Lawson has found the right way to apply Japanese advanced technologies in Chinese practical situation and life” said the director, general manager of Shanghai Hualian Lawson CO., LTD. Mr. ZHANG Sheng.

2016-07-20 LAWSON 01

In 2012, Lawson Shanghai brought the concept of “Lawson Sweets” into practice, striving to build the Lawson brand image of a sweets specialist. After thorough market research and applying the promoting experience of Lawson Japan, the company released an innovative and creative series of sweets ”A banana milk shake” which was a big hit in Shanghai and has been one of the best sweet sellers. In 2014, Lawson introduced a new idea of “Lawson Bakery”, aiming at bringing the bread quality to professional level. By enhancing the production, texture and external packing in only one month, the sales of bread reached the top on record. Currently, the sweets sales section accounts for 35%-40% of total sales.

In the effort of delivering a brand new shopping experience to the customers, Lawson Shanghai released an online membership smart phone application–Lawson APP . It works as a platform providing customers with membership discount, promotion activities, and point market where they can exchange the number of visits into tangible gifts. So far there are more than 250000 Lawson  APP members.

In May 2016, Lawson in the number of stores in East China has exceeded 500, the next two years the number of stores will expand to over 1000, Lawson executives told the 《FMCG》: By 2017, Lawson convenience in China will achieve full profitability.