[New Position] Senior Front-End Engineer

Senior Front-End Engineer
Department: SRS
Location: Shanghai, China
Preferred Age: Under 30
Salary: Competitive
Working Experience: 3-5 years
Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher

Responsible for the use of ECMAScript 6, CSS3 and SVG on the knowledge, in all platforms to create a perfect user experience. Not only engineering skills is preferred, and aesthetic appreciation to a certain level is preferred. The staff of this position will be able to provide clear feedback on usability and awareness to UI / UX designers, as well as independent research and use different frameworks to design the main front-end architecture.

1.Bachelor’s degree or higher.
2.Working knowledge of ECMAScript 6.
3.Learn that CoffeeScript is a plus item.
4.Experienced in Backbone.js or Angular.js.
5.Experienced in Bower,Yeoman,Gulp algorithms.
6.Very experienced in CSS3.

If it sounds like you’re up for the job, please send a current resume to   cjy@yo-ren.com