[New Position]Project Management Coordinator

Project Management Coordinator
1.Performs all PM operations tasks under the supervision.
2.Receives/acknowledges, evaluates and takes necessary action to client request.
3.Deliver the request on a timely manner without neglecting budget concerns and profit of the company together.
4.Assess project issues, identify, implement solutions and report if necessary.
5.Ensures that ALL questions from clients have been answered as fully as possible in order to support the request likewise, all related operational concerns must be discussed with clients.
6.Takes initiative and responsibility in monitoring projects’ progress.
7.Works effectively with third parties, where necessary, to generate more sales.
8.Establish effective and proactive communication with client, partners and internal team members for successful completion and delivery of projects.
9.Responsible in preparing own KPI / productivity assessment and update report to direct supervisor.

1.Maintains the good public image of the Company.
2.Functions as a cooperative and active member of weekly Operations meetings.
3.Prudently manages resources within budgetary guidelines to ensure profit.
4.Completes other administrative work as required (e.g. suggest supplies and job tools needed for Operations) and acts as an active team player.
5.Contributes to entire Yo-ren (and, or other local offices), besides the Project Management Operations tasks assigned.

If it sounds like you’re up for the job, please send a current resume to   cjy@yo-ren.com