[New Position]Copy Editor

Copy Editor
1.Accurate grasp of customer needs, responsible for all types of media media platform for customers to collect, content planning, copywriting, enhance the brand’s influence and reputation.
2.To explore and disseminate creative brand market events, independent completion of brand planning special copy and public relations document creation and writing.
3.And other colleagues in the creative department of close teamwork, the promotion of the project content to track and timely feedback.
4.Regularly collect the industry fresh, fun topics and information, as a reference for monthly topics.

1.male or female. Be sure to love the letter from the bottom of my heart!
2.At least 2 years of writing (editing) work experience, must have new media or social media writing experience.
3.With excellent writing skills and strong editing and integration capabilities; understand all kinds of media / platform copywriting characteristics, especially the new media platform.
4.Strong team of strong sense of cooperation, optimistic and cheerful, strong pressure.
5.Like brush microblogging WeChat, know almost watercress and all kinds of trendy App, the hot topic has a higher sensitivity.
6.The pursuit of quality of life, willing to continue to try new things.

Note: Resume resume comes with photos and cases.

Welfare treatment:
Five insurance and a supplementary medical insurance
Ten days paid annual leave
To provide competitive salaries and generous year-end awards
Free professional training and English training
Corporate Travel
Physical examination
Offer half-price snacks
Regularly organize staff party
Take the subway one minute into the company

If it sounds like you’re up for the job, please send a current resume to   cjy@yo-ren.com