[New Position] Senior Java Engineer

Senior Java Engineer
Department: SRS
Location: Shanghai, China
Age Preference: Under 30
Gender Preference: Male
Years of Experience: 3-5 years
Education: Bachelor’s degree required

Main back-end engineer who is responsible for maintaining / developing the server side program of coming projects.

1、Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related majors with 2 or more years of working experience.
2、Experienced in software development environments such as Eclipse.
3、Working experience with HTML, XML and JavaScript.
4、Experienced in popular development framework such as Hibernate, Spring, Struts, etc.
5、Experienced in mainstream databased such as MySQL or Oracle.
6、Strong learning and thinking abilities.
7、Self-motivated with good team work spirit.
8、Passionate about technical and creative works.
9、Experienced in development of large-scaled websites a plus.

If it sounds like you’re up for the job, please send a current resume to   cjy@yo-ren.com