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Yo-ren creates and maintains CRM systems for retail supermarket chains and convenience store chains by utilizing the latest information technologies…
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E.P.R. stands for E – Public Relations. Yo-ren’s EPR team has the expertise to fully publicize and promote big players of various industries in the cyber realm…
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SRS provides tangible values to customers by suppliers & point redeeming companies which would like to leverage CVS traffic
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Conductive ink is a new medium created by Yo-ren with Japanese venture Agic; it is one of the most innovative solutions to the advertisement industry…
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About Us

Professional | Co-coperation | Passion | Creative
Maxim: Artisanship
  • Yo-ren’s team is recognized in the retail industry with our commitment to client service and our desire to make a difference. Comprised of a group of talented and passionate professionals specializing in a number of areas including engineering, data analytics, marketing, public relations, etc., Yo-ren’s team focuses on creative enterprise solutions that strengthen our clients’ relationships with their customers.

  • Mission Statement: Yo-ren believes in "people and technology doing great things" for ourselves as a Team, for our Clients, and for the Partners that work with us. “Passion from Within” means putting the best people together with the solutions that energizes our clients' success.

Our Team

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We use the most advanced technology to address problems and we want to help outstanding clients to go further; we want to attract and develop the best talent joining our company with hope and respect.

Osamu Kaneda

raduated from University of Tokyo in Economics, received MBA in U of Rochester with distinction, Working at the Japanese Ministry of Finance and McKinsey & Company for 15 years in total. Ample experience in retail and FMCG business development and data analytics…

Junyuan Zhuang

Major in computer science grauated from China important university and then joined big Japanese enterprise responsible for development, operation etc. Joined Teamlab Japen in 2006 for two years and back to shanghai to develop Teamlab shanghai office.

Katsu Ge

COO/Head of Agent Department
Worked for many famous Japanese company in Japen and China, earned much more experience in AD industry and marketing & Sales. As COO in Yo-ren, her responsiblity is to develop and maintain our clients and to provide high quality service for Japenses company and other foreign and …


Human Resource Manager
Graduated from the University of Liverpool UK
with subject of Master of Business Administration(MBA)  Seven years of Human Resource management in foreign invested company, was worked for top 500 manufacture company


We aspire to attract, train, and retain the best talent. Whether you have extensive knowledge and are looking for a change or are fresh out of school, we have a position that may be just right for you.